Coconut Oil 500ml (Premium)

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 This is a Vegetarian Product

Extracted from freshly harvested coconut farms in India, MaG Coconut Oil is 100% pure, Natural and unrefined. Extracted specifically through a meticulous No-Heat* Process, this Wood Pressed oil has all the vital nutrients preserved, with a rich aroma and flavour of real coconuts. It can be consumed directly and is also a great alternative medium for daily cooking. Being one of the richest sources of naturally occurring MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides healthy fats), it gets digested easily to release instant energy and also helps in weight management. MaG Coconut Oil is a rich source of naturally occurring Lauric acid C12 and Vitamin E which helps to improve body immunity along with many other health benefits. It is rightly termed as a Superfood with its multiple benefits. Due to its better oxidative stability and high smoke point, MaG Coconut Oil is a great cooking oil even at high temperatures. This oil can also be used as a regular edible oil. Being 100% pure and Natural coconut oil, it freezes below 25*C. Immerse in warm water in order to liquefy before usage.

About this Product No chemicals used, no preservatives or adulterants Suitable for cooking including deep frying Distinct coconut oil aroma in cooked food Excellent for external use on skin and hair, including children Made from copra using Chekku/Ghani/ machine
Benefits No Sulphur, Good for Cooking, Prevents Hair Loss
Usages For Hair, Skin, Baking, Cooking, Frying, Sautéing

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