About Us

Magmasalas.com is an Indian E-commerce platform with its base and primary spice cultivation in India--the Cardamom Hills in the Western Ghats mountain range in Tamilnadu. 

Mag Masalas is an initiative to share and sustain the passion for Spices, Chekku (wood pressed) oils and Dry fruits.

It ensures that it selects and procures spices of the finest quality from the natural farms where growing spices is a tradition and a faith. 

Our commitment to quality and purity--roots deep into the domain of Indian spices. 

Mag Masalas strive to spread the pleasure of Indian spices throughout the modern world.

Mag Masalas help streamline the efforts of people working in the fields with the market forces. 

It helps the producers, accumulators, and tertiary ventures to bring forth economic and social inclusion. 

We have managed to gather a plethora of products; from a variety of farmers that we believe to be of the highest quality.

With over 25 major types of spices that you use to cook, you'll find everything you are looking for as an ideal taste master. Choose from a wide range of options, exclusively handpicked to help you find the best quality available at the lowest available prices; directly imported from the major spice-producing areas of Salem, Erode, and Coimbatore.

Mag Masalas Online is an E-commerce app for high-quality spices like Cardamom, Pepper,  Clove, and so on. We offer the best masalas, chekku oils that enrich your favorite dishes and platters. We guarantee timely delivery of the products.


*Option to choose Payment via Internet banking, debit card, credit card, *UPI.

*Value for Money

*Timely delivery

*High-quality authentic spice.

*Spices from its place of origin

*Fresh and authentic

*Cash on delivery is accepted

We accept almost any electronic payment method. We pack the products in standard bags and jars and ship using your preferred courier within a couple of days of receiving your order. So, if you are looking to buy spices online, why not give us a try?